Html Assistant


Html Assistant is Gui program that saves your time with pasting the same navigation / footer / head across all .html pages in the chosen folder, and keep your static website consistent.

If you ever tried to write a simple website without Php, Rails, Django or other dynamic language / framework and got annoyed with copying and pasting head, navigation or footer across all pages for every change you made this software was created to solve such issue.


Let's say we are working on 10 html files long website. Since it will be simple static website we can host it on Github pages, but this means we can use Html, Css and Javascript only.

Now we decide to add one link to the navigation bar. In order to change navigation bar we can:

While adding navigation code via Javascript seems like a nice workaround for this problem, but for anyone browsing the web with Javascript disabled, the website will be pretty much unusable.

So we are left with either copying and pasting the code in every file for each change we make (we want the page to looks consistent), or let the program do this boring stuff for us.


Hopefully the story above conviced you in the usefulness of the program, for detailed instructions about downloading & using Html Assistant please check Documentation page.

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Current version

Current version is 0.2.0.

See News page for upcoming changes.